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Caring For Your Cut Flowers
As soon as you receive your fresh flowers, always take the time to re-cut the stems and place them immediately in warm water containing the floral preservative attached to your purchase. Cut stems diagonally with a sharp knife to allow a wider surface from which flowers can take up their water. Refrain from using scissors which will pinch or crush flower stems making them unable to provide their flowers with water & nourishment. Vase life will be greatly diminished if you do not re-cut your flowers or if you use cold water. Be sure to re-cut flower stems every two to three days when you change the water in the vase to extend the life of your floral arrangement. Finally, be sure to place your flowers in a setting free from drafts or intense heat which would cause water to evaporate from petals, leaving flowers wilted.
Roses are especially sensitive & benefit greatly from these easy-to-follow steps which will allow you to fully enjoy your cut floral arrangement.
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