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A floral tribute is the final expression of love and appreciation to honor the special people who have touched our lives. The uniqueness of each sympathy arrangement reflects the beauty of each life, while offering compassion, solace and strength to family and friends of the loved one.

Celebrating the Life of a Loved One
While it is true that many memorial services continue to express our sadness or loss at the time of death of a loved one, today we see an increasing focus on the celebration of a life lived to its fullest—a powerful demonstration of the impact each person has on those encountered along life’s journey. This personalized approach helps bereaved family members & friends share their memories and experiences in a positive, uplifting atmosphere. A talented floral designer can transform traditional funeral arrangements into an intimate portrayal of the deceased’s life. Distinctive, highly-personalized tributes will reflect a mosaic of ethnic, cultural & religious images, as well as personal interests & accomplishments. Floral arrangements have long been an integral part of memorial services to express condolences, but the options are virtually endless. Floral pieces can be coordinated– for example, an arrangement, a set piece and a casket spray –to present the right balance of tradition, honor & personalization. Sympathy tributes will be individually designed to provide your family with meaningful floral selections that represent your wishes at this sensitive time

Personalized floral tributes are our specialty. Select favorite flowers & colors. Request a design to illustrate a career, hobby or affiliations with professional organizations, clubs or schools. Incorporate a favorite photograph or family bible within a floral tribute; add a message ribbon with your sentiment in gold script.

Memorials for Youth

Flowers for the Service

Flowers from the Family The immediate family will usually select a casket spray as the focal point of the service, and can be made in full, half and quarter lengths. Family pedestal arrangements are placed close to one or both ends of the casket. This is a traditional choice for immediate family or the second generation.

Hearts or crosses are symbolic tributes placed on an easel to express eternal love and deep religious faith. These floral pieces are appropriate to be given by family, close friends or church groups.

Pillow pieces, symbolic of eternal rest, are small satin cushions covered with fresh or silk flowers. This is especially appropriate when sent by young children or grandchildren.

A Catholic rosary using roses in place of beads is typically placed inside the casket as a lid piece. Immediate family, or the second or third generations, select this floral tribute.

Memorials from Friends & Associates
Large one-sided sprays or wreaths, attached to a standing easel are commonly sent from a group of friends or associates. These floral tributes are usually fan-shaped or triangular and can be designed in a wide variety of flowers and colors. Wicker fireside baskets filled with flowers are also welcome.

Sympathy Tributes Sent to the Home
Fruit and food baskets are thoughtful gestures to the family of the deceased. Equally beautiful, are flowers arranged in a glass vase or basket to add comfort in the privacy of the home.

Dish gardens filled with blooming and foliage plants arranged in a basket or suitable container, as well as beautiful floor plants, offer a lasting tribute and can later be shared by members of the family.

To place a sympathy order, you may call us directly at 585-728-3500.

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