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Guide to Giving Flowers

In a hurry... or a state of confusion... as to what flowers to give?

Flowers are often sent for a specific occasion, but watch what happens when someone receives a bouquet "for no reason at all!" The gift of flowers is guaranteed to produce a radiant smile on a recipient's face. In fact, giving flowers to someone just because "I was thinking of you today" means even more, because they are so unexpected.

Bouquets can express a wide range of emotions - from friendly to romantic - so remember those special people who would love to receive flowers "just because"… a daughter, son, sister, friend or co-worker. Each floral arrangement can be personalized to reflect the occasion, as well as, the individual's color & flower preferences, to show your appreciation and true thoughtfulness.

The possibilities are limited only by imagination.

Red roses by the dozen are the romantic standard to say "I love you", but the beauty of peach, pink, yellow, white and lavender roses is equally stunning. How about a rainbow bouquet of roses or an assortment of cheerful, fun fresh seasonal flowers? Prices of flowers vary seasonally, with mixed bouquets the best buy, especially during winter months.

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Remember…a floral gift lasts forever…every person remembers the last time they received flowers!

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